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"Naughty Nicola"

* February 2009:  First minister Nicola Sturgeon's portrait is called "Naughty Nicola"

The portrait of Scotland first minister who was at the health minister at the time had a big press coverage and Nicola Sturgeon's partner Peter Murrell bought the painting.

*August 2012

"Christine Lagarde" 70x50cm /private commission  

 Exhibitions 2012 


This is a facebook friend from Toronto who, after asking for my permission,  has had a copy of my painting "Secret admirer" tattooed on his leg.

*August 2011: These vinyl posters of my paintings were on display in an empty shop in Portobello in Edinburgh. They were installed in August 2011 by the council and Braewellgalleries. They had to be removed a week later due to complaints from local residents.

An article about the controversy was published in the evening times in Edinburgh and the daily mail.

Thanks for the entertainement! and thanks everyone for your support

October 2010 till March 2013: 

These are the vinyls posters of 2 of my paintings displayed in the street  of Glasgow along with the artwork of 5 other artists. "The style mile project" has been realised by Braewell galleries and the city council of Glasgow and is a really good idea to promote artists.

The posters were in the corner of ingram street in front of the Royal exchange square. The other artists are: Frank Mc fadden, Richard Woods, Richard Whincop, Joe o'brien and Ally Thompson.

You can also see one of my painting on the British airways website:  


*September 2013

"Exhibition in  "Gallery 121" in Aberdeen

For this exhibition, I realised 4 celebrity portraits:

Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham.


*January 2014

"Hollande is off his head"

Cartoon about François Hollande's very private love affair..

*February 2014

My painting "Sex and the city" is in Aberdeen in Gallery One Twenty One! -Now SOLD-available as Limited edition prints



Guilbaud’s work is expressed through the female form.

She paints long legged, fisnet tights, basque clothed, large breasted women who, with their tousled hair and pouting lips, appear at first glance like preparation sketches for airbrushed playboy lovelies. Looking at her work, a simple interpretation might suggest that if there was a Turner prize in the offing, then James Bond would have to be among the judges.”


Jim Mc Chesney,

Writer and artist, Glasgow 2006

EXhibition in "L'Office du tourisme de Challans", France  in July 2014

*January 2015


"When will the oil price rise?"



EXhibitions  2015

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I have been interviewed in April 2016 by the website "artistic-licence.org" to talk about art,  copyrights and infrigements after I found out that a con artist had reproduced some of my paintings and sold them on Ebay.

This is the full interview on the link below: